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Wednesday, 28th of June 2006
Delonge: 'It's the End for Blink-182'

Punk star Tom Delonge has broken fans of Blink-182's hearts by insisting the trio will never reform.

The group has always maintained they're taking a break to work on new projects but singer DeLonge has revealed there are no plans to bring the band back together.

And he states that problems between himself and bandmates Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus on the group's last tour will make a reunion difficult.
DeLonge tells Blender magazine, "We were trying to figure out what everyone needed to keep the band going. The funny thing was, we figured it out on that tour for that very last week."

"It was when we came home that the problems came to a head... I truly feel it's the end."

DeLonge admits there are many things he misses about his former bandmates, but they are outweighed by things he's glad he no longer has to deal with.
He adds, "I guess the thing I miss least is just all the misunderstandings at the end of our career. We weren't 16-year-olds anymore."


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